Fourth generation rug merchants, David and Malcolm Samad founded their enterprise, Samad, in 1985.

Based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Samad is a producer and importer of handmade carpets and rugs. Influenced by both traditional and decorative designs, and woven from the finest wools and silks,they are distributed throughout the United States, Canada and Europe by design trade showrooms, boutique rug stores and fine furniture stores.

The firm’s London office is operated by the founders’ brother Jack Samad.

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With over 50 exclusive collections offering a wide variety of unique textures, colors and designs, the Samad brand has become a symbol of excellence and is sought after by discerning buyers throughout the world.

Throughout the Samad history, one thing has remained constant: every stage of the carpet weaving process is painstakingly executed by hand, ensuring the highest possible quality. Each Samad carpet is uniquely beautiful and will add charm and dignity to any room.

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