We believe that it takes about the same amount of time, effort and expertise to produce an ordinary piece of furniture as an extraoridary one. We’ve decided to focus on the latter, using the highest quality materials and some of the best craftsmen in Euorpe.

Our boutique factories are just outside of the historic city of Porto in northern Portugal. The furniture Polidor manufactures can only be compared to the best vintage port which or luscious red wines which can only be made with years of tradition and the finest ingredients.

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Our elegant furnitures comes with beautiful and durable finishes, however, if your pet decides to take a bite out one of our table legs, be rest assured that they won’t die and that the finish can be easily repaired. While we are not 100% ecological manufacturer, our furniture is produced in a country with very strict ecological standards and which derives 45% of it’s energy from renewable sources.

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