Since our founding in 1978, we’ve always done things differently. Our corporate culture, our core principles, our business goals and our approaches to innovation, design and partnerships are all unique to Merida; we’re more than just a leading provider of contemporary rugs.

At Merida, our vision is to become the sustainable design leader in the home interiors space. In moving toward that goal, we also want to show the world there’s a better way to do business. We believe a successful company can also be virtuous and for us this means:

  • Treating our employees right
  • An unwavering, thoughtful commitment to sustainability in all our business practices
  • Superior craftsmanship that produces sustainable, gorgeous, customized works of art
  • Partnering with manufacturers and suppliers who share our social, economic and environmental priorities

Headquartered in Boston, we operate a weaving mill in Fall River, Massachusetts, which makes us one of the last textile producers in this once-thriving textile city. Outside of the United States, we partner with leading manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to environmental stewardship and social and economic development.

Commitment to Sustainability

Merida truly is about more than the bottom line and we prove it every day. Our commitment to sustainability begins with using rapidly renewable materials like abaca, seagrass, jute, paper, sisal and wool and following eco-friendly design and manufacturing practices. It continues with our efforts to promote the social and economic health of the local communities where our suppliers and manufacturers are based.

We have a director of sustainability whose role is to continually strengthen our commitment to sustainability by ensuring it is an essential element of everything we do. He also closely monitors the practices and working conditions at our partner companies to ensure they live up to our principles as well so we can deliver the finest natural fiber rugs possible.

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Commitment to Design

We believe that in order for people to fully embrace sustainable products as part of their lifestyles they must also be durable and gorgeous. To that end we have in-house designers who work to stay ahead of the fashion and interior design trends and who understand how to work with natural fibers. They spin this knowledge into prototype development in our Fall River, Massachusetts weaving facility where we weave many of our wool and paper rugs. For our vegetable fiber rugs they work with our global partners to create innovative, sustainable yet gorgeous designer area rugs.

Merida Area Rugs