LeatherTrend is a family owned and operated company located in a purpose built plant in Tijuana, Mexico, just 8 miles south of San Diego, California.

Our comprehensive collection of leather upholstery features traditional classics together with the latest fashion trends from our in house design team and internationally recognized designers.

LeatherTrendTM products are recognized for their quality, style and comfort, ensuring that our customers receive furniture of excellent value. With our extensive choice of 9 leather collections and 70 plus colors allied to our extensive product range, we can provide the perfect combination for every home.

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To ensure your satisfaction with a LeatherTrendTM product choose the leather best suited to your lifestyle. To help you make this important decision, we have graded our leathers as follows: Corrected Leathers. (Reference: CG) These leathers are ideal for families with an active lifestyle, they are durable and easy to clean. Color shading is greatly reduced and natural markings are largely eliminated during the tanning process. Full Grain Leathers. (Reference: FG) Feature a luxurious soft “hand”. Natural markings will occur as will color shading. If you are looking for a leather that will spoil you with its touch and appearance then full grain leather is for you. Special Effect Leathers. (Reference: SG) Today’s technology enables us to offer leather with a unique appearance. For dens and comfortable living rooms special effect leathers are ideal. As with all aniline dyed leather, some shading is to be expected. Heavy Grain Leather. (Reference: HG) Full grain hides are cut thicker than conventional leathers and are especially tanned to accentuate the texture of the grain whilst retaining a supple feel. This luxury leather can be relied upon to give outstanding service for many years. Minor inherent marks and shading will be visible. All are normal and perfectly natural. Heavy grain leathers are the perfect choice for everyday use and are easy to clean-a great investment. Nubuck Leathers. (Reference NU) Are for luxury use and have a soft velvety touch and appearance. They are available in pastel shades and provide the comfort and softness of fabric with the durability of leather.

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