J. H. Craver

J. H. Craver

J. H. Craver and Son, Inc. boasts a proud history that spans more than a century. Beginning with Jake Craver and his son John Henry, each of the numerous business-savvy family members has enjoyed the satisfaction of handing over the reins of this successful furniture company to the next generation.

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It is from this solid history that we have charted an equally solid future. While we continue to construct and market our traditional lines through well-established channels, we have expanded our offerings with a fresh line of imported seating from Italy. These progressive designs combine the cutting-edge style many of today’s consumers desire with the craftsmanship J.H. Craver & Son has always guaranteed.

While other companies may not look at where they’ve been to decide where they’re going, at J. H. Craver and Son we realize our rich history is what drives both our present and future success. It is, after all, our innovative styling executed in a century-old tradition of craftsmanship that sets the J. H. Craver & Son collection apart, giving you a quality, profitable product you’ll be proud to have on your showroom floor.

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