Barclay Butera Home

Barclay Butera Home

Barclay Butera Home is a classic, clean, and transitional line that is the ultimate expression of casual elegance. Designer Barclay Butera’s style grounds itself in European, American and Eastern influences, but becomes of the moment as he adds his own contemporary twist. He is inspired by everything from clothing to accessories, and by all cultural periods which he translates into unique and innovative designs.

For the last decade, Barclay Butera Home has grown into one of the most recognizable and sought after home furnishing lines in the marketplace. Every item in the Barclay Butera Home line is 100% customizable; there is nothing that cannot be created. With hundreds of fabric selections available, each item can be tailored to fit our client’s individual style.

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Butera is a huge proponent of domestic production which allows for the personal care and attention paid to each piece of upholstery. Manufactured in the United Sates by craftspeople trained individually in the Butera technique – each piece is hand-made, hand-upholstered, and hand-finished and attached to the final product is a sense of pride by those who have made it.

“When you strip a product down, you find the integrity of the product,” states Butera. “I sell long lasting pieces, ones you can be proud to own.”

One final touch: Nothing goes to waste. Leftover raw materials are collected and sent back to the provider for recycling.

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